Welcome to the INK Lab @ USC

The Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery (INK) Lab at USC is a group of reseachers working on next-generation machine intelligence techniques for knowledge-guided machine learning, information extraction, and knowledge graph reasoning. Our research spans across machine learning, natural language processing and data mining, with a focus on weak-supervision methods for modeling natural-language text data and graph-structured data. We are excited about both developing computational models and building practical systems for real-world applications. Led by Prof. Xiang Ren, the INK lab is also part of USC Machine Learning Center, NLP Community@USC, and ISI Center on Knowledge Graphs.


  • Oct 2018 - Excited to release our new OpenIE system, ReMine. A key distinguishing feature is the ability to learn from entire corpus for measuring cohesiveness of the extraction. (Project | Github)
  • Sep, 2018 - Thanks National Science Foundation for supporting our collaborative research on Modeling the Invention, Dissemination, and Translation of Scientific Concepts.
  • Aug 2018: Three papers accepted to NIPS and EMNLP.
  • Aug 2018: Prof. Xiang Ren is co-organizer of AKBC 2019. Please submit your workshop proposals.
  • Aug 2018: Congrats to Yuchen on his two papers accepted to EMNLP!
  • July 2018: Xiang's research monograph on Effort-Light (WeakSupervision) approaches for Information Extraction is published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
  • July 2018: Xiang won the 2018 SIGKDD Dissertation Award!
  • May 2018 - Paper on scalable deep generative model for graph accepted to ICML 2018. Github is up.
  • May 2018: Our WWW paper won the Best Poster Award Runner-up.
  • Apr 2018: Two papers accepted to KDD and ACL.